M2: Millionaire Matrix

Article #1: Best and 6 Months to Invest

Simple strategies can make a major difference! The money movement strategy is a great example. Applied over time, high probability investment patterns are winners. Any time we see patterns with 80-90 percent probability we take interest. Well there are seasonal investment patterns that over time can make a TON of money.

Several seasonal patterns that are prevalent and predictable in the stock market. Yet, likely your financial expert, does not know them or even worst, they do and they don't tell you about them. Ever heard the term "Sell in May and go away"! Read More >>>

Article #2: Strategy: 45/45/10 Investing

People get greedy. People get sold on products and investments. People don’t think through their long term, short term, cash flow, growth, risk , reward, and speculation investments. Often getting caught up in the excitment or fear of the moment.

After a few mistakes myself, and hundreds (if not thousands) of students, clients questions, and complaints (not about me, but the marketplace). I came up with a simple thought process, that keeps MOST folks safe. Now is a good time for a disclosure.  I don’t know your financial background, whether you are young, old or ancient. This approach is just a balance concept for the average person. You may want to consulat a financial advisor about your specific situation.

One of the biggest mistakes folks make is they speculate or are heavy on growth, when what they really need is CASH FLOW. Or speculate way too much. So follow this plan. Read More >>>

Article #3: 10K Turns in to Millions in a few months!

Learn a few well chosen strategies, and become RICH. In fact, if we can make those annual returns turn into monthly numbers (rates of return), our future can become much richer. If I take $ 10,000 and get monthly rates of return, like: 5%, 8%, 10%, 12% or 15%, wealth moves along much quicker. For example. Read More>>>

Article #4: Self Directed IRA (the Basics).

Did you know, that your Self Directed IRA can invest in: Real Estate, Stocks, Tax Liens, Mortages even business. But there are many restrictions, and a right way and wrong way to use IRA for investing. Learn how to diversify your risk and take advantage of your IRA money.

Read More >>>

Article #5: The power of Compounding.

What is compounding? Simply stated, it is the act of making money from the money you made on money, or interest on your interest. As with all investments, there can be calculated a definite rate of return that has already been realized over a period of time. Hopefully, you invest wisely and this rate of return is a large positive number. Once your investment has realized a profit, you are faced with a dilemma and must choose between one of two options. You may either take the profit and spend it, or reinvest your profit and experience the power of compounding first hand. Consider Read More >>>

Article #6: MILLIONAIRE MATRIX. A key to long term wealth. Yours FREE!

After years of teaching, real estate, business and stock strategies independently (not together). And folks asking: Where should I start? Is real estate better or stock? How do you balance your investing? What strategies do you use for growth? Cash Flow? Taxes? I said How can I make this easy to understand, and follow. Well one day after, 100's of questions, hundreds of strategies, and experiences, I sat down and developed the MILLIONAIRE Matrix. The CODE behind every successful MILLIONAIRE. Now they may not exactly flow this plan. But they use a version of it to make money, and build wealth. Now it is your turn, to follow the MAP. The TREASURE MAP to financial freedom. And it does not have to be 36 years. It can be 5-10. In rare cases, 1 or 2! It is really all up to you. I give you the code to success. I give you the exact real estate and stock strategies that have made 1000's RICH. All you have to do is spend $ 29.95 and follow the plan.

MILLIONAIRE MATRIX is a syntax for wealth building. The treasure MAP to the GOLD! If you follow the steps, you have no choice but to become a Millionaire over the next few years. Read More >>>

Article #7: 5 Greatest Investment Mistakes

So let me give you the top reasons, people loose money in the stock market:

Mistake Number 1: Trust the financial advisor is a financial expert.

Expert? In fact this can be far from the truth. Yes, they passed a simple test, to get a license. But did you know on that test, there was NEVER a question about the stock market or trading! You heard me right not one question. The questions were all about, the securities act, and what appropriate risk for folks. How do I know that, I took the test. I had several license at one time. Not any more. I just wanted to know what they know, and don’t know. I was amazed at what they don’t know... Read More >>>

Article #8: 36 Years or 36 Months? How quicky do you want to get to retirement? Read More >>